Periodic investment plan in the “Credins Premium” investment fund is a profitable alternative if you want to save periodically in small amounts. The main benefit is related to the profitability of the investor and the facilities it offers in better income management. Everyone can join the fund through a periodic investment plan, even existing investors who want to add value to their fund with periodic amounts.

The periodic investment plan operates through automatic debit of the account, based on the value and periodicity determined by the investor himself. The investment periodicity can be every 1, 3, 6, 12 months. It is considered a necessary solution for anyone aiming to meet short- and medium-term goals, because it is liquid and without penalties applied in cases of withdrawal.

Periodic investment has allowed investors to continue to buy quotas even in cases of fund volatility, bringing about an increase in the value of their investment on an ongoing basis.

Process automation manages the income and the time of investors, who have 24/7 online monitoring access of the fund.