Just as health parameters are controlled through a Check-up, the Pension Check up application tries to keep under control the quality of life of the members during the retirement age.

This is an additional service offered to members of the pension fund through their online account. Pension Check-up is based on asset and liability management, where by liabilities, we mean the monthly pensions received during the pension phase. This is where our special treatment lies, because most of the defined contribution schemes manage funds only by assets and do not focus on liabilities.

Asset and liability management is built on the assumption that the objective of the retirement phase is to maintain the same quality of life that the individual has had before retirement. By quality of life we ​​mean the amount in ALL of monthly expenses. Pension Check-up is created to enable periodic checks of the savings situation and the possibility of achieving the desired amount of pension. So, the process starts with one objective: To provide the desired monthly amount in ALL during the retirement age. The peculiarity of the application lies in the consideration of the effect of inflation, which “erodes” our quality of life each year.

This application is important due to the duration that characterizes retirement planning. We have tried to make it as simple as possible, but without ignoring the main data, as optimizing the quality of life is a difficult financial problem.

Providing the members a stable pension is our responsibility. After we receive the data from the members, we make sure that the investments achieve the desired pension amount.