Monthly Reports, January 2023

Monthly Reports, January 2023

Credins Invest sh.a. has published the Monthly Reports, January 2023 regarding the performance of the investment fund “Credins Premium” and pension fund “Credins Pension”.

Investment fund clients should read the section reflected on the third page of the Report, regarding the forecasts for the decrease of inflation during 2023, and asset allocation process by the Management Company.

“Investment Fund’s investors are encouraged to be patient, not to make disinvestments influenced by unfavorable market conditions and to have an approach oriented towards the long-term value of their investments.”

The Credins Pension Fund has not been affected by the increased and continuous volatility of the government bonds’ interest rates during the year 2022. Since the pension fund has a long-term horizon, the assets of the fund are mostly held-to-maturity, so the price of the quote has not experienced considerable volatility.


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