Law no.76/2023 dated 21.09.2023 “On private pension funds” approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Albania and regulations approved in implementation of the law, issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority, are the basis of activities and operations of the Voluntary Pension Fund “Credins Pension”. The requirements of the law and regulations form an integral part of the “Credins Pension” Fund Prospectus.

LAW 76/2023


The depository bank where the assets of the “Credins Pension” Fund are stored is Tirana Bank. The Fund does not carry any risk of the Depository bank or the Management Company, according to the Albanian law and the international principles of creation and administration of the Funds. The Fund’s assets cannot be subject to claims or executions, carried out on behalf of the Management Company or the Depositary creditors. The fund cannot be part of the bankruptcy proceedings. Depository Bank:

  • Is licensed by the Bank of Albania and the Financial Supervisory Authority for the activity of guardianship and depositor of Pension Funds;
  • Regulated and supervised by Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Protects the interests of fund members;
  • Reports any violations of the Management Company to the Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Performs the function of controlling the implementation of legality and independent reporting of the Fund.

You can refer to the official website of the regulator Financial Supervisory Authority, for legislation, publications and latest news regarding to pension funds and investment funds operating in the Republic of Albania.