Credins Premium

Collective investments undertakings are investment tools, built from a group of many investors’ funds, and administered by the Management Company, with the objective of investing these funds to generate income for investors. Total income from Investment funds consists of interest income and profit/loss from the revaluation of the capital.

The “Credins Premium” Fund was launched on July 1, 2016, by the Management Company, Credins Invest Sh.a., and its main objective is to maximize investors’ funds, by maintaining the capital and liquidity. The fund is denominated in the local currency, ALL. The fund administration cost fee is 1% per year of the Net Assets Value.

How can you invest?

Investors can join the fund through one-time investments or periodic investment plan according to the value and periodicity decided from the investor himself. The product is extremely liquid and no entry or withdrawal commissions are applied. Investors can buy quotas or withdraw a quantity/all the quotas without penalty. To become a member of the fund, you should have the required documentation and sign a membership contract at Credins Invest Sh.a. Head office or through our agents network, authorized to sell quotas of “Credins Premium” fund:

The agents network of the “Credins Premium” Investment Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What currency is “Credins Premium” Investment Fund?

Credins Premium Fund is in local currency ALL.

2. How can I invest?

You can make a one-time investment or a periodic investment plan starting from 2,000 ALL/month.

3. Where are the fund assets invested?

The fund assets are invested in securities issued or guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Albania, mostly Bonds and Treasury Bills.

4. What is a depositary bank and which is the depositary of the “Credins Premium” fund?

The depositary bank is licensed by the Republic of Albania to provide services, deposit and is responsible for maintaining assets of the investment fund and assets of members in the fund. Depositary bank for the “Credins Premium” Investment Fund is American Bank of Investments (ABI Bank).

5. Is the rate of return fixed?

The fund rate of return is closely related to the performance of securities, treasury bills and bonds. As a result, the investment value changes depending on the securities market. The fund rate of return is variable and not fixed.

6. Is the fund secured by the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency?

No. The fund is not secured by the Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency because it is invested in Albanian Government securities.

7. What is the level of risk?

In a risk matrices from 1 to 7, the fund has a low risk, level 2. Investors in the fund are exposed to the risk that bear by the assets in the fund. The risk can never be avoided completely, as in tense or extreme market situations the investor may lose capital for short or long periods of time.

8. How long should I stay in the fund?

“Credins Premium” investment fund has no deadline, but the investment horizon is very important. You can withdraw a quantity of quotas at any time, but we advise our clients to stay invested for at least 24 months.

9. If I do not have an account at Credins Bank, but I have another bank account, can I join?

Absolutely, you can join the fund even if you do not have a Credins Bank account, but you must have a bank account in any other bank in Albania. You can transfer the funds from your current account, to the fund account at the depositary bank.

10. What transfer commissions do I have to pay?

If you have a current account at Credins Bank Sh.a., you will not pay any commissions for the transfer to the fund account at the depositary bank ABI Bank. If you have an account in another bank you will pay the commission according to the terms and conditions of the bank where you have the account.

11. What happens after I transfer the money to the depositary bank? Do the money stay in the depositary bank?

After transferring the money to the fund account in the depositary bank ABI Bank, investments analysts at Credins Invest Sh.a. order the investment of money from the fund account into Albanian state securities. ABI Bank monitors investments orders, according to the prospectus approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority. The money do not stay in the fund account, but they are invested.

12. Can I have my fund in two names?

No, the Investment fund cannot be created under two names. “Credins Premium” Investment fund is individual, but with a specific proxy, you can authorize other people to carry out transactions on your behalf.

13. How much tax do I pay?

The tax is 15% of the interest earned, for the invested period and is applied at the moment of withdrawal of the fund.

14. If I need money, for how many days do you transfer the fund to my account?

From the moment you sign the withdrawal request, we have a legal obligation to transfer the money to the account confirmed by you within 7 days. The withdrawal can be partial or the total amount, depending on the customer’s request.

15. Where can I find more detailed information about the fund?

One you become a member, we provide you the credentials to check your account online and monitor your investment fund 24/7. Every month, we publish on our official website the 12-month performance of the fund as well as the market performance.

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