The quotas in the Credins Premium Fund are issued in ALL and any purchase or sale of quotas will be made in the local currency, ALL. The minimum investment amount is only 2,000 ALL, and this amount can be grown with a value which is at least 1,000 ALL. The Investment Fund offers flexibility, because investors can invest in one-time amounts or through a periodic investment plan.

High liquidity

The fund offers high liquidity, because its members can withdraw the quotas at any time with no penalty. Payment in monetary assets, from the Fund account to the investor’s account is made within 7 days from the day of the request signed by the investor.

Low risk

The fund has a low risk profile, at level 2. Any investment or return on a certain amount is associated with the corresponding risk. The higher the required rate of return, the higher the risk taken, and vice versa.

Professional investment management and investment diversification opportunities

The fund is managed by professionals, who based on their knowledge and analysis identify the appropriate investments at the appropriate time. This process affects the performance of the fund’s price. Moreover, professional management affects the diversification of the fund. Despite the exposure only to securities issued by the Government of the Republic of Albania, the fund is well diversified by allocating its assets in different types of securities, which cannot be achieved only by one investor.


The fund offers high transparency. We provide our clients a username and password, in order to access the personal account online at any time 24/7. The clients have the possibility to monitor online the performance of the quota’s price and the distribution of the fund’s investment portfolio.