Units in the “Credins Pension” Fund are issued in the local currency, ALL, and any purchase or settlement of units in the Fund will be made in ALL. We suggest our clients the most optimal scenario of contributions related to their age and income, in order to benefit from a supplementary pension that is as satisfactory as possible, while maintaining the same standard of living at retirement age.


The fund offers high transparency. The client has its username and password, in order to access at any time the personal account and monitor the performance of the quota price and the distribution of the fund’s investment portfolio.

Possibility to return the accumulated investment in payments in the form of pension

Withdrawal of accumulated assets in the member’s account can be done when the member meets the conditions provided by law. The member can withdraw the total amount or periodically small amounts during the retirement age. In any other case we are dealing with an early withdrawal.

Fiscal Benefits

Contributions are deductible from gross salary, for tax calculation purposes up to a certain limit. Also, investments in the fund are excluded from interest tax and capital gains.

Low risk

Credins Pension Fund invests in securities issued by the Republic of Albania, mainly in long-term bonds, having a low risk profile, at level 1. Interest rates are vary according to the market performance and can fluctuate by affecting the investment value.

The fund is hereditary

If the member of the fund dies, the assets of his account will be distributed to the heirs in accordance to the legal provisions for the inheritance.