Calculate the fiscal benefit from membership in the pension fund:

* Amount in ALL

The contribution is deducted from the Gross Salary - New Law The contribution is paid from the Net Salary after Tax
Case 1 Case 2

Gross Salary: (1)

Monthly contribution for voluntary pension: (2)

Compulsory Employee Social Insurance Contributions : (3)

Compulsory Employee Health Insurance: (4)

Gross Salary minus Voluntary Contributions: (Case 1: 5 = 1-2; Case 2: 5 = 1)

Salary Tax: (6 = 5 * Percentage of progressive tax)

Net Salary: (7=1-2-3-4-6)

Fiscal benefit resulting from the difference in net salaries between the two cases: 8 = 7 (Case 1) - 7 (Case 2)

Instructions referring to the table above:

  1. In both cases the individual contributes individually to a voluntary pension fund.
  2. Fill in the box (1) "Gross Salary", the amount of your salary.
  3. Fill in the box (2) "Monthly contribution for voluntary pension", the amount of the contribution.
  4. Press the "Calculate" button.
  5. The amount resulting in the box (8) "Fiscal benefit resulting from the difference in net salaries between the two cases" is the value added to the net salary from the deduction of the individual contribution from the salary before the calculation of personal income tax.
  6. Box (3) "Compulsory Social Insurance Contributions" and box (4) "Compulsory Employee Health Insurance" are automatically filled in with the amounts according to the percentages that are mandatory to be paid in the country according to the law "Social and Health Insurance Contributions"..
  7. Box (6) "Payroll tax" is automatically calculated according to Law No. 8438, 18.12.1998, "On Income Tax", as amended. In the first case it is applied as required by law.