“Credins Premium” Fund prospectus

“Credins Premium” Fund prospectus

In fulfillment of legal obligations arising from Law No. 56/2020 “On Collective Investment Enterprises” and by-laws issued in its implementation, Credins Invest – Funds Management Company, has updated the Prospectus of the “Credins Premium” Investment Fund and the Key Investor Information (KIID), approved by the Financial Supervision Authority.

The updates of the Prospectus consists of:

– Definitions in compliance with Law no. 62/2020, dated 14.05.2020 “On Capital Markets”
– Fund indicators for 2021.

Fund indicators for 2021 have been updated in the Key Investor Information.

You can read the full prospectus and Key Investor Information electronically on our official website:

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Credins Invest