“Credins Pension” Fund Prospectus

“Credins Pension” Fund Prospectus

Dear Investors,

In fulfillment of legal obligations deriving from law no. 10197, dated 10.12.2009 “On Voluntary Pension Funds”, as well as the bylaws issued in its implementation, the management company Credins Invest sh.a, has updated the Prospectus of the Pension Fund “Credins Pension”, approved by the Financial Supervision Authority with decision no. 103, on 29.07.2020. We would like to inform you that the historical data of the fund have been updated in Prospekt.

The composition of the governing bodies includes Mrs. Armira Çitozi, in the capacity of Deputy. General Administrator and Member of the Board of Directors. In the section “Risk Identification” are detailed in information and examples some of the risks of the fund. The full prospectus of the Pension Fund is published on our official website:

Thank you for your cooperation,

Credins Invest