Credins Pension Fund Prospectus

Credins Pension Fund Prospectus

In fulfillment of legal obligations deriving from law no. 10197, dated 10.12.2009 “On Voluntary Pension Funds”, as well as the bylaws issued under its implementation, the management company “Credins Invest”, has updated the Prospectus of the Pension Fund “Credins Pension”, approved by the Financial Supervision Authority with decision no. 65, dated 31.03.2023.

In the prospectus have been approved the following updates:

  • Data update for the “Credins Pension” fund, in section 1, 1.1 “Historical data”;
  • In section 2 “Main aspects of the investment policy” the content of the last sentence has been reformulated “The Company informs electronically the Fund Members of any changes in the investment policy of the Fund’s assets, at least one month before the changes occur. Any changes to the investment policy will be published on the official website of the Management Company.”;
  • In section 4 “Fund performance and public information”, the second sentence has been added, “except in cases where the official website has temporary technical problems, the member can be informed by phone or at Credins Invest head office.”;
  • In section 7, point 7.1 “Pension payment according to the criteria provided by law” after point 4, the following sentence has been added: “The management company of the pension fund notifies its members 3 months before they benefit the right, according to law, to use the net assetson their retirement account.”;
  • In section 14 “Delegation of the functions of the Management Company”, point 1 has been reformulated with the following content: “The marketing function of the Pension Fund, which consists in the marketing and promotion of the pension fund product by Credins Bank and the branch network.”;and the second sentence has been added, in point 4: “The delegation of this function based on the relevant agreement is comprehensive and mainly related to the development of marketing of the company and all its products.”


The full prospectus of the Credins Pension Fund is published on our official website

Thank you,

Credins Invest

April 2023