Credins Invest – Part of #YouareCredins program

Credins Invest – Part of #YouareCredins program

Credins Invest for the third year in a row is part of the #YouareCredins program, organized by Credins Bank, providing product training and employment opportunities for the most talented students. The program is a recruitment and training program for recent graduate students in economics, law, information technology and economics. This program, which is designed to last 3 months, is a combination of theoretical and practical training respectively divided into 2 phases. The first phase focuses mainly on theoretical training, while in the second phase the candidates will put into practice the knowledge acquired in the first phase. The recruited students will be surrounded not only by the best experts and mentors of Credins Bank and Credins Invest, but also by international trainers who are certified in the field of skills development.

The candidate selection process goes through these stages:

– Online application

– Test development

– Group assessments

– Individual interviews

A success story for the recruitments in Credins Bank, where during the first program #YouAreCredins, 42 students were selected, out of which 36 of them successfully completed this program and today are part of the Credins Bank team. Credins Invest is constantly engaged in programs to help young people by educating, training and recruiting them to start a successful career.