Credins Invest Sh.a. is a management company of voluntary pension funds and investment funds, with more than 10 years of experience in the market. Credins Invest Sh.a has created a portfolio of loyal customers, who have trusted us by investing in the pension and investment funds. Our mission is to educate the public regarding the funds, to ensure a higher welfare during retirement age for the members of the pension fund, and meet short- and medium-term needs for the members of the investment fund.

Object of Activity:

  • Collection and investment of voluntary pension funds together with making pension payments, based on license no. 3, dated 23.11.2011, issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Administration of Collective Investment Undertakings, based on license no. 3, dated 30.05.2016, issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Administration of Alternative Investment Funds only for professional and qualified clients.

The activity of the company is supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority, in accordance with the provisions of law no. 9572, dated 03.07.2006, on the Financial Supervision Authority, law no. 10197, dated 10.12.2009, on Voluntary Pension Funds and law no. 56/2020, on Collective Investment Undertakings.

The Management Company is a joint stock company, with an indefinite term, with 76% of the shares owned by Credins Bank Sh.a. The management and administration of voluntary pension funds and collective investment undertakings is the basis of our activity.

Credins Invest Sh.a currently manages the Voluntary Pension Fund Credins Pension” and the Investment Fund Credins Premium”.

Guiding principles:

  • Responsibility for achieving quality results at work;
  • Commitment and passion for achieving the highest standards with integrity;
  • Fair competition

In addition to asset management, we provide to the fund’s members financial advice, education and risk management. We maintain and invest the funds to provide satisfactory rates in the long run for the fund members.

Even though our product itself offers transparency through 24/7 online access to monitor your fund account, our staff provides continuous advice, offering you the security and investment orientation you need.

Dear members of the Pension Fund,


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the activity of the "Credins Pension" fund, we are pleased to announce that the administration fee has been reduced from 2.4% to 2% per annum of the net asset value of the Fund, resulting in a better return for the members of the Pension Fund.

The application of the new fee starts from December 15, 2021!


Thank you for your cooperation,

Credins Invest