“Credins Pension” Fund Prospectus

“Credins Pension” Fund Prospectus

Dear Members of “Credins Pension” Fund,

In fulfillment of legal obligations deriving from law no. 10197, dated 10.12.2009 “On Voluntary Pension Funds”, as well as the bylaws issued under its implementation, the management company “Credins Invest” sh.a., has updated the Prospectus of the “Credins Pension” Fund.

The Prospectus update consists of:

  1. The company name has been amended to “Credins Invest” sh.a. Fund Management Company, which come as a result of compliance with the requirements of law no. 56/2020, as follows:

The object of the Company’s activity is:

–  Administration of Collective Investment Undertakings with public offer;

–  Administration of Alternative Investment Funds only for Professional and Qualified Clients;

–  Administration of Voluntary Pension Funds.

  1. The historical data of the Pension Fund has been updated, specifically point 1, section 1.1 “Historical data”
  2. We are pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors of the Management Company has decided to reduce the management fee. The change in the administration fee is reflected in the Pension Fund Prospectus.

The full prospectus of the Credins Pension Fund is published on our official website

Thank you,
Credins Invest

Date: 29/07/2021