Pension Fund

The Voluntary Pension Fund is part of the internationally recognized pension system. This type of pension is established because the common state pension systems do not provide sufficient income to people when they reach retirement age.

Our Mission:

Maintaining the standards of living during retirement period.

We believe this mission is closely related to what people are actually looking for. They do not want to have a quality of life during retirement which results worse than the pre-retirement stage. We try to prevent this from happening, by equaling the standards of living before and after retirement. In addition to the fund’s asset management, we also provide to our members financial counseling, education and risk management.

The private voluntary funds scheme will be a “defined contribution” type, where only the contributions are pre-defined, while the benefits received in the form of pension are neither pre-defined nor guaranteed. The key element of this scheme is that the risks of investment are a full and sole responsibility of the participants in the fund.

Contributions are invested and accumulate earned interest from assets they are invested in. Members benefit the amount of accumulated contributions and interests when they meet the conditions for receiving the benefits. Risk tolerance is among the main elements that make the distinction from one fund to another.

Fund Membership

Individual Schemes:

Only individuals contribute to the voluntary pension fund to the extent and period desired.

Professional Schemes:

The employer and / or employee make contributions to the fund in the benefit of employees.

  • Units in Credins Pension Fund are denominated in ALL.
  • The minimum investment amount in the Fund is 1,000 lek.
  • The sole management fee of the fund is 3% of the net asset value, per annum.
  • Other commissions and fees (AMF, depositary, audit etc.) are covered by the Management Company.

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For the latest Pension Fund monthly information, please refer to the Commentary for July 2020.

Financial Reports for the Pension Fund

Date Title
30.06.2020 Pension Fund Financial Report, Q2 2020 pdf
31.03.2020 Pension Fund Financial Report, Q1 2020 pdf
31.10.2019 Credins Pension Financial Report pdf
31.12.2018 Credins Pension Financial Report pdf
31.12.2017 Credins Pension Financial Report pdf
31.12.2016 Credins Pension Financial Report pdf
31.12.2015 Credins Pension Audited Financial Report pdf
31.12.2014 Credins Pension Audited Financial Report pdf
31.12.2013 Credins Pension Audited Financial Report pdf
31.12.2012 Credins Pension Audited Financial Report pdf

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