Investment Fund

The Credins Premium Investment Fund is one of the forms of collective investment undertakings (CIU) with open participation, created on the basis of a contract, through public offering of units.

The CREDINS PREMIUM Fund is managed by CREDINS INVEST, Management Company of pension funds and collective investment undertakings, a joint stock company (one-tier system) which is a transformation of the Management Company of SICRED Pension Fund.


  • The fund has a low risk profile as it is invested in securities issued from the Albanian State.
  • High liquidity: the possibility of withdrawal at any time within seven days without penalty and without losing the interest.
  • A higher return compared to deposits.
  • It offers the possibility of investing either a lump sum or a periodic investment plan, where the minimum investment amount is only 2,000 Lek.
  • Diversification of investment opportunities.
  • Professional management of investments.
  • The fund is transparent. You can access your account on-line at any time.


    • Units in the Credins Premium fund are denominated in Lek.
    • The minimum investment amount in the Fund is 2,000 Lek.
    • This amount can be increased with a minimum amount of 1,000 Lek.
    • Every purchase or withdrawal of units in the Fund will be made in Lek.
    • In case current legislations and regulations in force change, the management company can decide that purchase and withdrawal of units be conducted in another currency. This decision should firstly be approved by the AMF.
    • You can find the Investment Fund sales network at the link below:
      Investment Fund sales network

To download the Prospect click here.
To download the Summarized Prospect click here.

To download the Key Investor Information Document click here.

For the latest Investment Fund monthly information, refer to the Commentary for July 2020.

Please read carefully the instructions in the document: “Guide for your online account for the Credins Premium Investment Fund”. Click here for the Desktop version and Mobile version.

Financial Reports for the Investment Fund

Date Report Title
30.06.2020 Investment Fund Financial Report, Q2 2020 pdf
31.03.2020 Investment Fund Financial Report, Q1 2020 pdf
31.10.2019 Financial Report for the Investment Fund pdf
31.12.2018 Financial Report for the Investment Fund pdf
31.12.2017 Financial Report for the Investment Fund pdf
31.12.2016 Financial Report for the Investment Fund pdf

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