Governing Bodies


Members of the Administration Council

The Administration Council is the governing body, which exercises both administrative and supervisory duties of the company. Its members are:
Vjosa Bodo
Vjosa BODO
Eugen Nuri-Small-1 (1)
Estela Koci
Egi Santo

Duties of Members

The Administration Council controls and supervises the implementation of policies and business development of the Management Company, ensures that the Management Company complies with applicable laws and accounting standards, examines and inspects accounting books, documents and assets of the company, approves financial and investment policies, appoints and dismisses the administrators or members of the investment committee and approves the prospectus of the Fund.

Successful completion of the above duties and responsibilities is due to the experience and qualifications of the Council’s members, namely:


Two membership titles in CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Analyst) covering portfolio management, the field of financial analysis and investment respectively held by Mr. Eugen NURI, who has considerable experience in the field of financial consulting.


A membership title in the global society of certified public accountants ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) covering the area of international financial reporting standards, system of internal controls, business management, held by Ms. Estela KOÇI, which has a long experience in the field of audit and finance.


Several years of experience in the legal field of Ms. Vjosa BODO, who holds the legal expert title since 2001, in respect of the diploma issued by the State University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, and holds the Attorney title and is a member of the House of Tirana Bar since 2003. Ms. BODO has several years of experience in the rulemaking of laws and regulations, and their interpretation in Albanian state institutions and insurance companies in Albania.


The banking experience of Mr. Egi SANTO, especially in the field of recruitment, evaluation and promotion of human resources, completes the range of experience and qualifications of the Administration Council of Credins Invest.


Mrs. Armira Çitozi holds the position of the Director of Finance and Accounting Department at Credins Invest since 2011. Mrs. Çitozi graduated from Faculty of Economics in Finance and Accounting, and holds a master degree in Finance – Risk Management. Her professional experience counts 22 years of work in finance and accounting, and specifically 13 years of management in pension and investment fund industry. In 2005, Mrs. Çitozi became a member of  Institute of Chartered Accountants and she is certified “Approved Accountant”. Mrs. Çitozi maintains a crucial role in both funds licensing and supervising their progress.


General Manager of the Management Company is Ms. Estela KOÇI. The administrator of the Company is also Member of the Board of Directors. The administrator is the legal representative of the management company, performs all operations of commercial activities of the management company, takes care of keeping accurate and regular documents and accountancy books, reports to the Council of Administration for the implementation of internal policies and regulations of the company in accordance with the legislation in force, decides on the rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees, and performs other duties established by law.

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